About Us

Kipot Levin is one of the biggest leading companies in the field of Yarmulka’s manufacturing .
The founder Mr. Shaul Levin, has been the manager of the company since 1969.
Kipot Levin is an authorized marketer for the Ministry of Defense and the I.D.F.
In addition, Kipot Levine exports its products to most parts of the world.

The high quality of our products is done without compromise. Starting with the choice raw materials , through the quality of
work and ending with the stage of strict quality control which every product undergoes before it is delivered to the shelves.

A team of skilled designers toils over innovative and contemporary designs and the updating embroidery of the abundance
of patters, every few months.

The assortment of our products includes :
Printed and embroidered Kipa for Bar Mitzvah and wedding and for every special event.
Bags for Talith and Teffilin
Shabat covers and Pessach covers
“Parochet” and “Chuppas” (wedding canopy)
Assortment of gifts ( embroidered or printed) for institutions and special events – adjusted individually to the customer’s
Torah mantel for Torah

Contact details:

25 Chabakuk St.,
Bnei-Brak, Israel
Tel: 03-5704491 Fax: 03-5702721
e-Mail: kipot@kipotlevin.co.il

e-Mail: kiplevin@bezeqint.net

Bnei Brak store:
111 Rabbi Akiva St.
Bnei Brak.
Tel: 03-5700004

Jerusalem Store:

1 Yechezkel  St., (Kikar Hashabbat)


Tel/Fax: 02-5000245

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